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Tatami Cushion
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Tatami Cushion

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Product information "Tatami Cushion"


Länge: 40 cm
Breite: 30 cm
Höhe: 5 cm
Gewicht: 2 kg

Comfortable and functional – our tatami cushion combines both at the same time: traditional design and pleasant sitting. Since it is made in the same way that our tatami mats are made it offers the same characteristics.

Benefits for you

Since tatami naturally provide warmth it is very especially comfortable to sit on them. The cushion supports an upright sitting posture, i.e. a positive posture in general. The core of the cushion is formed by ca. 5cm dried and pressed rice straw, which guarantees stability. The cushion itself is about 30x40cm. This core is covered with Igusa straw, both are sewn together with a black cotton ribbon (Beri). Pleasant and comfortable sitting is due to the filling with smooth Igusa straw.


The cushion is suitable for a traditionally Japanese-styled room – e.g. together with tatami mats or a bamboo table – but also can be used for yoga or meditation. Up to two cushions fit into a tatami bench which is available in our online shop, too!

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