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Tatami Mats – The Paragon of Japanese Lifestyle

Tatami-mats are an important part of every traditional Japanese house. Japanwelt offers you all the classic tatami-sizes to create your own Japanese room (washitsu) or to spice up your Western style home!

Tatami Mats – The Paragon of Japanese Lifestyle

Tatamis are mats made of rice straw and igusa grass. They are traditionally used in Japan as a floor covering in private homes and temples. In Japan, rooms are measured in tatamis, not in m². The standard size for one mat is approximately 90 x 180 cm. The thickness of our mats varies from 1,5 cm to 5,5 cm, whereby the weight of the high quality mat is much higher than that of the standard quality.

Tatami mats consist of a dried and pressed straw core. The surface is made of a soft woven igusa-grass cover. The long sides are protected by a border made of cotton material, which is available in several colors. Besides being used as a floor covering, tatamis can also be used under a futon. In Japan, you never walk on tatamis with shoes – only barefoot or with socks!

Tatamis are excellent for thermal and acoustic insulation. We produce special sizes on request, even mats with slanted sides are possible. The maximum width of the tatami is limited to 100cm due to production restrictions. Please ask for an individual offer. We are happy to advise you.

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