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Miniature Screens as Japanese Table Decoration

Japanese miniature folding screens are more then smaller versions of the original byobu. Each miniature Japanese screen is a little piece of art that can be used to decorate your rooms, for example as a unique table decoration.

Miniature Screens as Japanese Table Decoration

Byobu are large folding screens originally used in Japanese homes for protection against draughts. Known to exist from the 8th century, the multi-paneled byobu were richly decorated in the 17th century, when they became a status symbol for the wealthy. Gold leaf was applied as a background for paintings of landscape or genre motifs. Cranes, rivers, and trees are often found on the screens, which can be made of a varying number of panels.

Miniature versions of byobu are commonly placed behind an ikebana vase, a bonsai tree, or any other treasured object. Our selection of miniature screens includes replicas of famous antique byobu. Placed on a shelf, behind a table lamp, or on a side table, they are a very elegant way to give your home an authentic Japanese look.

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