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Japanese Duvet Covers

Japanese duvet covers are a must have item for your Japanese bed! Visit this section of Japanwelt’s bed covers shop to see our exclusive Japanese covers designed by an Shodo and Sumi-e Artist!
Bed Linen

Japanese Duvet Covers

If you have decorated your bedroom in Japanese style, then Japanese bed linen will make the look complete. Your new futon mattress complemented by an Asian-inspired bed frame will look best with duvet and pillow covers that harmonize with them. If you have a European-style bedroom and would like to add an Asian touch, the beautiful duvet covers offered by Japanwelt are an easy way to accomplish this.

One of Japanwelt’s most exclusive items is the duvet and pillow case set available in three different motifs – bamboo, plum blossoms, and kanji script. Japanwelt commissioned the sumi-e artist Rita Böhm to design the lovely bamboo and plum blossom motifs, done in the traditional ink-wash method of Japanese painting. Plum blossoms are a common symbol for Spring in Japanese culture. Japanese calligraphy artist Imako Umesaka designed the kanji motif, which renders a famous poem written in the eighth century by the poet Meng Haoran entitled Awakening in Spring.

The bed linens with the dragon motif are made of cotton satin and imported from Japan. The dramatic design is borrowed from the fabric used for the production of traditional kimonos.

Let these evocative motifs calm your spirit and ready you for a relaxing night’s sleep. Cotton, with its ability to absorb perspiration, is an ideal material for bed linens. Our duvet covers are made of 100 % long staple cotton, which is the highest quality and especially durable. This cotton is woven into satin, which is very smooth and fine to the touch. Thus, these covers are not only beautiful but also feel luxurious. And due to the characteristics of cotton, heat and perspiration to are not trapped near the skin.

The duvet cover sets include one duvet cover and one pillow case each. The covers are available in two sizes: 135 cm width by 200 cm length, and 155 cm width by 200 cm length. The pillow cases are 80 cm by 80 cm.

In order to keep your premium-quality bed linens looking beautiful for many years, they should be washed inside-out with the zippers closed and using a mild detergent up to a maximum of 60ºC.

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