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Japanese Bamboo Fountains – Shishi Odoshi & Kake-Hi

The distinctive sound of the shishi odoshi bamboo water fountain is know to all admirers of the traditional Japanese garden. Visit this section of Japanwelt to find your shishi odoshi or kake-hi bamboo fountain!

Japanese Bamboo Fountains – Shishi Odoshi & Kake-Hi

The lovely and pleasant sound of running water is a common feature within the peaceful ambience of traditional Japanese gardens. Since constructing their own little river or waterfall is not an option for must devotees of the Japanese art of gardening, smaller wells and bamboo fountains provide a suitable alternative for smaller homes and gardens.

Japanwelt offers its customers a diverse range of products in this field of Japanese gardening culture.
Shishi odoshi were originally meant for scaring away deer and other animals from agriculture plants and gardens, by the clacking sound they produce when their water-filled bamboo pipe revolves to empty. Nowadays shishi odoshi oder sozu (a special kind of shishi odoshi) can be found in many Japanese gardens even if they are well protected against animal intruders. Its distinctive sound is commonly associated with smaller Japanese gardens at regular traditional homes. Also very popular are small waterfalls und other fountains that create a peaceful atmosphere with their relaxing lapping of water.
Enrich your garden acoustically and visually with water fountains from Japanwelt.